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Climate Change: What’s up? Maybe not temperature?

November 25, 2009

We had a wonderful discussion on Nov. 23rd about the implications and ways of conceiving of global climate change. While we work on editing the Daf, here are some of the links to data and sides of the controversy for readers to see and comment upon.

A scandal that leading climate change scientists hid or falsified data: Is it true? Even if it is, does that affect how we should think about climate change?

Apparently, while land temperatures have risen, sea (70% of the earth) temperatures have not, according to
Satellite-derived temperature graphs . Everyone knows that asphalt or rock is hotter than grass or forest. So urbanization, desertification, and deforestation for sure make it locally hotter, but actual global temperatures–moderated by the sea–may not be rising all that quick.

Glaciers and polar ice are certainly receding though: Graphs of sea ice extent in Arctic.

An online debate sponsored by ‘Monk’ (not the tv show, alas) on climate change:

Yaakov’s vote for best blog on global climate change
Blog representing the establishment view on climate change

First super-high-resolution model projection that the ancient
“Fertile Crescent” will disappear in this century

Dr. Roger Pielke’s position statements on climate change:

Landcover Changes may Rival Greenhouse Gases as Cause of Climate Change.

So what’s going on? Do you even care? Are we all doomed, or are there bigger problems in the world? Is Al Gore a prophet or is he full of hot air?