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Rav Kook jazz poetry jam inspired…

August 18, 2009

jazz blues textures what might the flood of colors look like to be

truly free in our land

to rise up to each moment’s potential textures

of feeling & love & connectedness

stained glass

browns & blues, yam ha tichon & shefela, denuded hillsides & stubborn pines, cold trickles of mayan wonder, prickly pears rare air floating down over Modiin highway- why ‘they’ and ‘us’

are we Jews one? or many? Israeli & not? separate? wet

& dry, sky & ground, sounding out the rhythms of town & city & farm & wadi —
There! the shock of  lightning lightening up our awareness

flash of understanding Overstanding on our land-ing El Al down from the skies

on the wings of eagles dipping & surging & soaring & plunging to the kill,

fierce without remorse or pity are we conquerors or are we not? The Lakota wants to know,

No we are not not-conquerors and yet ain brira trapped where we cannot move forward or back without belief in ourselves daring to ride the waves forward into the future for real


Abundance vs. Scarcity: Anti-Semitism

August 3, 2009

This is thought-provoking.

Implied but not explicit is the idea of scarcity as opposed to abundance.  In a zero-sum world, a world of scarcity, where for every winner there must be a loser, anti-semitism is virulent.  But when the mindset shifts into abundance, where one success begets another, where more adds up to much more and doesn’t subtract and make someone else less, anti-semitism fades or becomes irrelevant, as in much of today’s scientific and entrepreneurial sphere (where Jews, not coincidentally, excel).