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Olmert performed a miracle!

August 31, 2008

Ehud Olmert, Israeli prime minister, achieved something that no other Jew or Israeli leader has done since the foundation of the state.  He unified all the Jews of Israel.  His approval rating, for a period of many months in 2006-2007, was actually zero; in polls with a margin of error of three percent, that meant that somewhere between 3% and -3% of Israeli Jews approved of the job he was doing.  As his time in office winds down, slowly and painfully, we ALL look forward to the day he resigns. 

Allegedly it will happen in about two weeks, on Sept 17 with the Kadima primary.  However, it would (sadly) surprise no one if he hangs on to office longer; there have been, since 2006, literally hundreds of perfectly good occasions for this failed leader to step down.  His failure in the Lebanon war; the veterans’ protests against the war; the Winograd commission; the many scandals.   His chutzpah in stubbornly staying in office is spectacular and unprecedented, and considering what Israel has been like since 1948 (a country practically defined by chutzpah), that’s really saying something!